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Whether you need mold, asbestos or lead testing, choose Geaux Environmental for environmental testing services. Our environmental consultant is dedicated to providing accurate results to home and business owners of the Baton Rouge, Hammond, LA areas and beyond. If your home has been impacted by mold of any type, our consultant cane come inspect the home and perform air quality testing to determine how much, and what types of mold are present. If you suspect the presence of mold, call us right away for mold testing in Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Hammond, LA and all surrounding areas.

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Environmental Consulting

Environmental Consulting

Trust a passionate environmental consultant with your needs

Geaux Environmental is home to a consultant who is focused on helping residents and building owners of Baton Rouge, LA understand indoor air quality, mold and moisture concerns, asbestos hazards and other environmental risks.
You can count on Geaux Environmental for:

AHERA periodic surveillance
AHERA inspections and re-inspections
AHERA asbestos management plans
Lead air monitoring
Mold testing
General Asbestos Inspections
Lead Testing

We'll go over the testing process so you know what to expect before we begin. Schedule an appointment with Geaux Environmental Consulting, LLC today.

Choose a licensed consultant

Ensure you're always choosing a trusted consultant for your indoor air quality needs
Our seasoned consultant is a:

LDEQ accredited asbestos inspector
LDEQ accredited asbestos contractor/supervisor
LDEQ accredited asbestos management planner
LDEQ accredited asbestos trainer

She is also a:

LDEQ accredited lead inspector
LDEQ accredited lead risk assessor

Our trained specialist can help you safely manage hazardous materials in your home or office building. Schedule an appointment with Geaux Environmental Consulting, LLC in Baton Rouge, LA right away.