When You Need Accurate Asbestos Testing in Baton Rouge & Hammond, LA

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Do you suspect that your home, office or educational facility may have asbestos? Turn to Geaux Environmental Consulting, LLC for an asbestos inspection in Baton Rouge, Hammond, LA & surrounding areas.
Our environmental consultant utilizes extensive experience to conduct precise asbestos testing. After your inspection, we'll explain the results thoroughly.

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If you have asbestos in your space, you may be putting your health at risk. Asbestos can cause lung cancer, mesothelioma and other problems. Find out if you have asbestos in your property with Geaux Environmental Consulting, LLC.
You can trust us for:

Asbestos management planning for schools
AHERA periodic surveillance
AHERA inspections and re-inspections
AHERA asbestos management plans
Project management for abatement projects
Final clearance air sampling

You can also choose Geaux Environmental Consulting, LLC for asbestos abatement project management. Call 214-505-1194 right away for an appointment. You can also call for mold testing and lead testing in Baton Rouge or Hammond, LA.